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SteamWorld Dig PS4 and Vita Release Date Revealed

The mining platformer, SteamWorld Dig is digging its way to PS4 and Vita soon with a March 18th release in America and a March 19th release in Europe. The retail price is $9.99, however, Playstation Plus members will be able to get it for 20% off its first week. It will also have cross-play so whichever copy you buy, you’ll have the other to play with as well. You can read our review of SteamWorld Dig over here.

Seven Deadly Sins Represented in Video Games

I’ve been fielding questions about religion lately as a result of my daughter attending Catholic school. While she shares with me what she’s learned, I get to share information with her about how Jesus wasn’t actually white, or about how sometimes men love men and women love women and that’s just great. It’s fun. Anyway, this topic got me thinking, and it’s prompted me to do some deep research about religion. While looking at the Seven Deadly Sins, I thought [...]

Twinfinite’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Gamer on the Go

Note from Editor Yami: When you simply can’t stay home anymore (and are probably dragged out), mobile gaming will be your best friend. This Holiday Gift Guide section is dedicated to those gamers on the go that can’t get enough of all the pixels. My system of choice is the 3DS, but the Vita has had quite a few heavy hitters. And you can’t forget iOS devices as strong competitors in the portable gaming market! Whichever one you’re shopping for, Twinfinite has [...]

Daily Challenges Now Available for Spelunky on PS3 and Vita

A Spelunky a day keeps the doctor away, right?  Well, at least it does when the cave is constantly respawning you every time you die.  For some time now, gamers of the PC version of indie-hit Spelunky have been enjoying a unique feature called Daily Challenges.  What this does is randomly generate one specific cave layout that all players will have one shot of playing each day, just to see how far they can get and stack it up against other fellow spelunkers. This [...]

Spelunky LTTP Review – For the Love of Spelunking

So, there I was spelunking in Spelunky, with one bomb and a rope at the bottom of a snake pit carrying a much needed damsel. My current situation is less than ideal, yet fair. I’d used all my bombs and ropes in a previous level, and thanks to an arrow and a surprise snake I have one heart left. I could use my bomb to blast an adjacent wall, but I might need it later. I could use my last [...]

La-Mulana Review – In These Ruins, No One Can Hear You Scream

Difficulty varies wildly in video games nowadays from the dramatically easy to the punishingly difficult. Still, you can beat most games of the current generation… except La-Mulana. Well, I couldn’t beat it, try as I might. There are games nowadays that hold your hand when you seem to have been lost for hours or have died a set number of times; La-Mulana is not one of those games. This game grabs your hand instead and breaks your thumb for fun, [...]

Spelunky Arriving on PC August 8

Mossmouth’s treasure collecting ragefest Spelunky is coming back home. The HD version of the game familiar to XBLA gamers will be coming to PC late this summer. The original version of the game is still available for free online. While the HD release will have a price tag, purchasers can look forward to an updated art style, unlockable characters, and some crazy fun multiplayer. Spelunky HD is also set to come to PS3 and the PS Vita sometime this summer, news [...]


TSFT Episode #64: Gone Spelunking

Hi. Glad you joined us this week on another exciting episode of the TSFT Podcast. Mourning the absence of Keith, we talked about Dark Souls II, not knowing what to do in Terraria, and getting nowhere in Spelunky, among other shenanigans. Hope you enjoy the listen, and we’ll see you next Sunday, hopefully live! NOTE: We will be streaming our podcast recordings LIVE from our twitch.tv channel! (Sundays, 10 pm EST)