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Square Enix LogoSquare Enix found it’s niche in the world and carried on a legacy with Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Creating endless stories spanning generations of consoles eventually expanding into Massively Multiplayer development and acquisition of Eidos and Taito including a merger with competitor Enix.

The company is responsible for other popular brands including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Thief and Hitman.

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PAX East – Murdered: Soul Suspect Hands-on Impressions

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an upcoming action-adventure, detective-styled game developed by Airtight Games (published by Square Enix) in development for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One. During PAX East, I got the chance to sit down with the game and play about the first half hour of it. Murdered: Soul Suspect was definitely one of the best titles in attendance at PAX East. As something that I can only describe as a cross between Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective [...]

Square Enix’ School Girl Strikers: Are You Kidding Me. Squeenix Please

Last week Square Enix announced, hot on the heels of their public apology for sucking the last few years at RPGs, that they were making a “Light novel-styled RPG with an all-star voice cast.” Awesome. Good strategy, Squeenix. Go get ‘em. Now, it seems the big reveal is here: School Girl Strikers. OK. Awesome. PS3? Maybe next-gen? No? It’s… it’s an iPhone game? With in-game purchases? Square Enix, are you shitting me?

Make It So – Frozen in Kingdom Hearts III

[Make It So takes a look at our favorite games and suggests additions, subtractions, and areas to improve upon for the sequel or next entry in the series.] When Frozen hit theaters last winter, I gave it the cold shoulder (ha ha) and thought to myself, “Meh, I’m so over Disney.” I had been burned time and time again ever since the release of Up, Brave, and Tangled. None of Disney’s and Pixar’s ‘new-school’ animated movies were doing anything for [...]

Square Enix Collective Now Open for Submissions

Square Enix revealed its Collective project back in January, boasting a new platform for developers to garner support for their creative gaming ideas. Just two days ago, Square Enix revealed on the Collective site that they were ready to take the project to the next level and it is now open for full submissions from “industry professionals”. Developers’s submissions will be published on the site at the start of each week for exposure to critique and feedback before it is [...]

“The Truth Still Survives, But Only You Remember It” – Square Enix’s New Direction

Recently Square Enix made a statement explaining how the company had lost its focus. With the recent success of Bravely Default, they are renewing their dedication to games their fans want to play. To directly quote Yosuke Matsuda: “we basically want to go back to their roots and focus on the core audience.” As far as ‘facepalm’ announcements go, this one can be proudly accompanied by a resounding ‘duh.’ Yet despite the lateness of this realization, JRPG fans can also [...]

Drakengard 3 ESRB Rating Hints At Blood, Language, and Sex

While I don’t follow too closely, the ESRB rating decisions sometimes hint at interesting aspects of the game. Usually they’re superficial details that push the game towards one rating or another. A title I’m keenly interested in however was recently rated M and the ESRB’s description for Drakengard 3 makes me think the game will be everything I expected it to be. Their description can be read below: This is a role-playing action game in which players assume the role [...]

Stock Up On Square-Enix Games With a Steam Sale This Weekend

For one reason or another, almost the entirety of Square-Enix’s library of games is discounted up to 75% off on Steam this weekend in a special promotion. (There’s more on sale than what’s listed on that page.) Oh boy! So whether you were aiming to finally pick up the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII or you just wanted to get caught up on the craze that is Tomb Raider, this weekend is the weekend to do so. It’s also worth pointing out that [...]

The Heroes of FFXIV’s Naming System: Meow’ya Kitten’me, Sandra Bullocks, and Others

Rereleased Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn faced the issue of duplicate character names with an innovative and simple solution: give each character a first and last name. While I personally haven’t found a forename/surname combination I like (Gliitchy McGlitcherson doesn’t sound too imposing), several FFXIV users have taken advantage of the system to come up with some seriously hilarious character names, which range from witty to just plain immature. The slideshow at the bottom of the page captures some of [...]


Square Enix Releases Another 16-bit FFXIV Restrospective

Remember about two months ago when Square Enix released a 16-bit retrospective trailer recapping the FFXIII saga for the upcoming launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? They’re back, after having had that trailer so well-received, it looks like Square Enix decided to reimagine a battle from FFXIV. Despite trying to adapt a FFXIV 3D battle into 16-bit style, the fighting mechanics honestly seem pretty accurate given the limitations of the style. Really, not even just the fighting mechanics felt accurate. [...]

New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Offers Samurai and Past Heroes’ Outfits

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Oh, Lightning has some pretty cool hair. I bet she’d look pretty sweet in Aeris’ outfit from Final Fantasy VII“? Probably, probably not, but now she can anyway. The latest downloadable content for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII offers a slew of new outfits, equipment, and weapons for the titular heroine. Anyone who didn’t get the chance to receive the free SOLDIER outfit through pre-order can now obtain it through the Final Fantasy Legends [...]

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