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Steam Greenlight allows the community to assist in the review process for new games and products. Developers are able to post information and assets about their games and seek out an audience for their game that would be willing to support it if distributed through Steam. The system allows developers to interact with potential customers during the development process to track all feedback.

While it does encourage new developers to explore the system and interact on Steam, it isn’t free. Developers need to establish their brand image, video for the game or concept proposing the game, images and a description including system requirements. The fee helps reduce trouble in the system from those looking to game or troll the submissions. Even then, report options are available for fraudulent activities by those in Greenlight.

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Amnesia Meets BioShock in Lethe

What would it look like if BioShock and Amnesia: The Dark Descent had a love child? The answer, my friends, is Lethe, a first-person survival horror game from KoukouStudios. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer and see for yourselves! Set in a 1920’s steampunk world, Lethe has a retro-futuristic vibe not unlike that of BioShock. You play as Robert Dawn, a journalist investigating a disaster on a remote island. After impaling your hand on what appears to be a [...]


Glitchspace Heads to Greenlight, Alpha Trailer Released

Glitchspace has been described as a “first-person programming game.” What does that mean exactly? It’s kinda hard to explain, but here goes. Set in a cyberspace world, players can navigate the environment and exploit glitches using visual programming language to create unique emergent experiences. Think Minecraft with more puzzle solving. Developer Space Budgie recently announced that Glitchspace is in the process of hopefully being Greenlit on Steam. You can visit their Greenlight page and vote here. The game is still [...]

CoinRPG – Play MMOs Get Money

Of course, there is a handful and a half of massive multiplayer online RPGs out by now, but none of them has gameplay centered around Bitcoins quite like one in particular. But first, what are Bitcoins? They’re basically a digital currency that allows any transactions to be completed instantly and with whomever through the internet, typically used for business, and they have now entered the world of video games. Enter CoinRPG, an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG from indie game developer Kuroato [...]

Love Review – Tough Love

Love is a game that has been around since 2006. In 2008, the developer decided to remake it into a new engine as Love+ and with this newest iteration popping up on Steam, we have the end result of 8 years of game modifications. This game is called Love not for some romantic subplot, but for the love the developer has put into it. I have to say, I’ve fallen a bit in love with it too.

Cool Greenlight, Bro – Broforce Coming to Steam in March

When you write about games regularly, it’s sometimes easy to get jaded at the juvenile antics present in video games and the video game industry itself. Sometimes however, a game comes along that is so beautifully stupid that you can’t help but cheer it on. This game is Broforce, and it’s coming to Steam next month. Broforce is a 2D action-platformer in which you basically destroy everything in order to defeat satanist terrorists…it’s pretty much a game for those of [...]

Arcadecraft is Coming to PC

In July of last year, Firebase Industries had been involved in a Indie Royale bundle with their title Orbitron: Revolution. All the games had been listed with their Steam Greenlight games except for Firebase’s. I knew the company had a Greenlight page, so I was curious as to why both the Arcadecraft and Orbitron: Revolution pages had been pulled as this would have been a great opportunity to advertise it. Their response was short. “At the rate the votes were [...]


Oniken’s Steam Release Date is Set

After making its way through the Steam Greenlight process, JoyMasher’s ode to the NES ninja platformers finally gets a release date. Coming this Wednesday, February 5th, you will be able to add Oniken to your ever expanding Steam library. One look at the game and you can see that it was clearly inspired by games like Strider, Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi, but with a unique take that only the Brazilian trio of Danilo Dias, Thais Weiller and Marco Galvão could [...]

Final Rush Preview – Generic Shooter, Ho!

There are few words that can be toxic to a game’s survival out in the wild. Dated. Clunky. Unplayable. For a certain segment of the gamer community, though, the absolute worst that can be levied against an aspiring title is simply ‘generic’. Unfortunately, as I went through an alpha preview for Strike Game’s Final Rush, that’s the word that permeated the experience; even the title itself is bland and, perhaps, uninspired. That’s not to say there’s nothing of promise here, but [...]

Ballpoint Universe: Infinite Review – Perpetual Picturesque Pleasure

Ballpoint Universe by Arachnid Games is an intriguing title in its own right; with art done entirely in ballpoint pen and good old-fashioned arcade action wrapped in some RPG-style story, there’s a lot that this great little game has to offer. Throw in the extras offered with the Steam Greenlight-released Ballpoint Universe: Infinite, and you’ve got hours of endless doodle mayhem and fun.

Particulars Preview – Discovering Yourself Through Science

Particulars is a game based around the command of sub-atomic particles. Through their various states and polarity, you control a single quark as it completes puzzle objectives in a single-hub level. The game is still in Alpha so I got a chance to play around with its Early Access version to figure out if this game could compellingly sell me on molecular science through the video game medium. After playing the game at its current state, I can tell you [...]

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