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steam_logo_twLaunched in September 2003, Steam launched as a digital distribution platform for in-house Valve games, focusing on ease of patching, security and digital distribution. Over the years it has evolved into a primary name in PC gaming with over 3000 games available through the platform and expanded support on Linux and OSX with titles in development for each OS. In 2013 Valve announced a new branch of Steam, SteamOS which will help the service expand into the living room front, an evolution of the existing Big Picture mode.

In 2012 Steam introduced the Greenlight service for developers to submit games and applications for release consideration. Community members vote on games they would be interested in purchasing if released on Steam or would like to see on Steam if they already own a direct copy from the developer.

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steam early access meridian new world featured image A cutscene. Be still, my beating heart. Chimeras with the mining tool hard at work. Can't build more till you get to vehicles, though. My latest brush with early access. Not my first, but hopefully my last. This cap of a skirmish battle is about as good as Meridian: New World gets. Daniel Hanson wanders the ship in between missions. An example of one of the game's many puzzles, this particular segment revolves around shifting large blocks in a grid, creating bridges - and music - as you place them properly. The entire layout is on a grand scale, with intriguing architecture and beautiful, vibrant color throughout. Mercenary Kings Mechanic Escape jet car stunts

Ubisoft Touts Player Diversity, New Map For Ghost Recon Phantoms

In case you missed it, Ghost Recon Phantoms was recently released to PC and Steam. The free-to-play multiplayer take on the tactical multiplayer of the Ghost Recon series, and effectively a gigantic re-do of Ghost Recon Online, has been rather successful for Ubisoft, becoming the third highest played free-to-play title on Steam. The game is actually quite a lot of good fun, and definitely worth a look if you’re into the series or in need of a tactical multiplayer fix. Following up on that, Ubisoft [...]

Meridian: New World Preview – Bored Already

I haven’t really played an RTS in quite some time, so getting a chance to look at a new up-and-comer was a pleasing prospect. Having loved Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Warcraft, and others like the oldie Ground Control I was excited to look at this game developed by a single person over the course of years. The subsequent disappointment was pretty crushing.

Life Goes On Review – The Adventures of Sir Lives-A-Lot

The platformer is one of video gaming’s most enduring genres, covering a wide range of themes, visual styles, and difficulty levels. In general, the best games this genre has to offer tend to be extremely challenging, leading to many deaths on the part of the player. With modern platformers, the real challenge developers face is preserving that sense of brutal difficulty while preventing the player from simply giving up in frustration. Developer Infinite Monkeys has devised a clever solution to [...]

Viscera Cleanup Detail Review – Cleanup on Aisle Gore

For the past couple of years, my wife and I had a side-job cleaning a condominium complex. It was basically easy money for little more than a couple of hours of work each week, so it helped pay the bills. Doing that kind of work teaches you a lot about human nature, and the two things I learned from doing this job are: 1. If you are any kind of cleaner, people assume you cannot speak English. 2. People are [...]

Fract OSC Review – The Symphony of Cthulhu

For centuries (or what must seem like it anyway), humans have wondered what would happen if some bold, adventurous developer had the courage to combine free-roaming exploration, puzzles, and music into a single wild game. Finally, the creative souls of Phosfiend Systems have tackled this ponderous question head-on, and the answer is Fract OSC. Somewhere between the open world of puzzles hearkening back to Myst and the sleek, electronic aesthetic of Tron, this intriguing and mesmerizing game places players inside the heart of a [...]


Thirty Minutes of Chroma Squad Gameplay For Your Eyeballs

Unless you’re able to be in more than one place at a time, chances are you missed some stuff at PAX East. Hell, I know I missed a ton of stuff, and one of them was regretfully the sentai inspired Chroma Squad, from Behold Studios. Luckily, Behold was nice enough to post the entire 30-minute demo on their YouTube channel. Chroma Squad is a homage to Japanese sentai television shows — e.g., Power Rangers. In the game players will be creating their own sentai television [...]

Whoa! Twinfinite is Giving Away FIVE Copies of Mechanic Escape!

Okay, okay, I’M SORRY OKAY. It’s been a bit since I’ve had a giveaway lined up for you all. PAX was quite the busy experience. But I’m back, and I’ve decided to once again throw my inventory out there for you all to loot. This week, I’m giving away not one, not two, but FIVE copies of Mechanic Escape. Take it as me being sorry for my lack of giving you free things. This of course, on top of our giveaway [...]


Life Goes On Gets a Launch Trailer, Proves Life Really Goes On

Life Goes On released today on Steam and to celebrate, we got a nice little launch trailer showcasing the many deaths. When I first heard that Life Goes On featured a lot of dying, I thought it was due to difficulty, a la Super  Meat Boy. However, I see now that the deaths are caused by the necessity of it all. You need to die in some levels in order to use that corpse to get through an obstacle. Genius. You [...]

Actual Sunlight – An Honest Look at a Dishonest Mind

I jumped into this one planning to do a review of Will O’Neill’s Actual Sunlight. However, almost immediately after starting it up, I realized that it wasn’t going to be a typical experience. As I played through the story, mostly as an observer simply seeing the pageant take place in front of me, it became more and more apparent that a simple review wouldn’t come of this. I can’t, in good faith, take my feelings or observations about Actual Sunlight and distill [...]

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