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Idea Factory is Going International

Well here is some good news for fans of JRPGs and Visual Novels. Idea Factory is opening a new California branch of their company. All we really have right now to go on is the name of Idea Factory International, Inc. and a website that will be updated soon. Idea Factory as a company heads a bunch of subsidiaries that expand past their more well known titles like Hyperdimension Neptunia. Split between their two branches of Compile Heart, which creates [...]

[Review] Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection

When Sting and Idea Factory joined forces, they had the audacity to brand their collaboration as “Super Sting.” It reeks of hubris, but if I can be honest, I’d expect nothing less from Idea Factory. On paper it sounds like a really promising venture as Sting consistently creates unique gameplay options while drudging a bit on the story. Idea Factory is a well known visual novel producer in Japan so pairing a gameplay focused studio with a story driven one [...]

[News] Atlus is Having a PSN Sale

Let’s get something straight.  If for some reason you don’t find this sale to be worth your cup of tea, I need to set you straight.  Right now on PSN you can get all of the excellent STING PSP games for under $20.  All of them, and they are oh so good.  I personally prefer the amazingly underrated SRPG Yggdra Union, but Riviera the Promised Land with it’s dating-sim/visual novel/JRPG mechanics is also well worth a buy. Still not satisfied [...]