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New Dungeon of the Endless Trailer, No Idea What It Is

Today, Amplitude Studios released a new trailer for their Early Access indie title, Dungeon of the Endless. It sets out to explain what the game can do, and all the different ways you can play it. I was left completely confused, though, and if it weren’t for Chris’ preview of it, I’d have no idea what it is. Less is more, and maybe having too many genres isn’t the way for a game to go. Still, I love the art [...]


Watch Age of Wonders III for 19 Minutes

A new gameplay trailer was released for Age of Wonders III showcasing the Theocrat Leader class. This new class includes units like the Martyr (damage absorbers), Evangelist (buffers),  and Exalted (flying infantry). Each bring their own abilities into the mix to help change the tides of a battle. The Theocrat class can be chosen with any of the six races and has the ability to be augmented for more magical skills. But I’m sure you’ll get a ton of this [...]

Swords & Soldiers 2 Coming to Wii U eShop

The Wii U eShop is still a bit barren in terms of exclusives, but there’s a new side-scrolling strategy game on its way this year. Ronimo Games has announced that Swords & Soldiers 2 will be making its way to the Wii U eShop, and will be playable at PAX East this year. This is a sequel to the 2009 original, taking Redbeard and his gang of burly vikings on a new adventure. Players can expect new friends and enemies along the [...]

Pikmin 3 Review – As Metal as It Is Adorable

When was the last time you had a horde of ridiculously adorable plant creatures murdering and harvesting corpses for you? It doesn’t matter, because that’s exactly what you need now, and exactly what you’ll get with Pikmin 3 for the Nintendo Wii U. It had been nine years since the last Pikmin entry, and nine years since everyone’s hearts violently melted from how damn adorable those games were. Despite remaining one of Nintendo’s last original intellectual properties to date, Pikmin [...]

Brand new updates and DLC for both Company of Heroes games

Developer Relic Entertainment and publisher Sega are making sure to take good care of their golden goose: critically acclaimed WWII strategy series Company of Heroes. In most cases, the sad truth would be that only the latest in the series would be supported into the future, but today Relic are rolling out some updates for both games, as well as a paid add-on for the second title. Players still enjoying the first game in the series (like myself) will be receiving [...]

Survivor Squad Review – Survival of the Fittest

Zombies have been a trend in all sorts of media for a while now. With your Left 4 Deads, Day/War Zs, and Call of Duty modes, it’s just as easy to get your FPS Zombie blasting fix as it is to get tired of the trend. Its about time we stop buying the same game over and over again and start looking for new takes on a saturated genre. Endless Loop Studios breaks out of that mold and puts an [...]

Blackguards Review – The High School Prom Queen of Strategy Games

Ah, fantasy, a genre full of magic, wonderment, and dwarves, probably. It’s a very broad term, but even then, there haven’t been many tales of fantasy quite as liberal as Blackguards. From Daedelic Entertainment comes a new turn-based strategy role-playing game set in your usual fantasy realm, but with some more interesting takes on the world, making this somewhat grittier than the average fantasy fare. I’ve been given a Steam Early Access copy of the game to see what has [...]

Skyward Collapse LTTP Review – A God Game Full of Athiests

It’s not that often these days that I get to play turn-based strategy games, mostly because getting into one leads to a plunge down a rabbit hole that leads to damaged relationships, bad grades, a meeting with my job’s HR department, or a combination of the three. Not that I’m any kind of expert at this genre, but there is nothing as satisfying as zeroing in on an adversary and systematically taking them apart piece by piece until the floodgates [...]

Anomaly 2 Review – On the Road Again

The premise of the Anomaly games is so simple that it’s a wonder it hadn’t been executed before. Anomaly: Warzone Earth took the  iOS staple of Tower Defense and turned it inside out; having you play as the attack force whose job is to maintain a constant onslaught and push through enemy defenses. Essentially, this game helped create a sub-genre on its own; Tower Offfense! Anomaly 2 takes place a number of years after the first title and even though [...]

[News] Second expansion pack Civ V: Brave New World announced

PC Gamer announced today that Civilization V: Brave New World, the second expansion pack for Civilization V, will be releasing this summer. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features this expansion will bring to the game, including the drastic changes: The World Congress will allow civilizations to make decisions regarding things such as trade sanctions, resource spending caps, and nuclear weapons. Civilizations can win through Culture Victory by dominating the arts and archaeology. International trade will allow [...]

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