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Edmonton Expo 2013 – Life Goes On Hands-On Preview

One of the most exciting things about conferences is the thrill of discovering something wonderful that you had no idea existed. While at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo on Sunday, I spent some time talking with Erik Johnson, Producer at Edmonton-based developer Infinite Monkeys, about their upcoming title; Life Goes On, a 48-hour game jam that has developed over time into what will be a full release next year on Steam.

Heroes Week – Evolution of the Multi-Faceted Gaming Hero

This week is our self-proclaimed Heroes Week!  To commemorate heroism in gaming, I have decided to examine heroes of the past versus heroes of the present, what limitations contribute to their differences, why some heroes haven’t changed at all since their conception, and why a gaming hero doesn’t need superpowers.  STRAP IN! Let’s start out with a pretty clear cut protagonist who has had virtually no dynamic growth since his first appearance in 1981: Mario.  He was saving a princess [...]

[Overlooked Gems] Mirror’s Edge: The Adventures of Super Meat Girl

Back in 2008, the endless tug-of-war to claim eternal prize of ‘Worst Video Game Publisher’ was pulling in favor of Activision. The company was firmly ensconced in their role of strip mining of both the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk franchises and riding high on the launching of the Call of Duty franchise into the stratosphere. The opponent in this feat of douchey strength was EA, who had decided to try a bold new direction. Its CEO, John Riccitiello, stated [...]

[Retrospection] I Wanna Be The Guy is the Best Platformer Ever

‘Nintendo Hard.’ An expression that has been placed on many NES era games. It is used to define perfectly normal games with an abnormal difficulty. Go back and try playing some of those titles like Contra, Battletoads, Zelda 2, Ghosts N’ Goblins, and even parts of games like Super Mario 3. Those games were balls tough, especially compared to what passes for difficult these days. Ninja Gaiden on Xbox is a notoriously difficult game, but it has nothing on the [...]

[Featurama] Why aren’t older game soundtracks available in the United States?

Even if you don’t appreciate the finer points of a game’s soundtrack, there’s no doubt that it can make or break a title. While Fez does evoke a certain new-age, chilled-out vibe, a score composed by Yanni or John Tesh would simply have clashed (and sucked). That game needed the subtleties of a tweaked chip soundtrack to appropriately convey the broken complexities of that world, and conversely, the serenity of a game like Journey would have been ruined by the [...]

[News] Humble Bundle Adds 3 More Games!

If by now, for some reason, you didn’t think that the Humble Indie Bundle V was worth your hard earned dollars, well you are insane.  Humble Bundle is placating your insanity however by offering you up three new hit indie titles. Returning from bundles of long ago, Super Meat Boy and Braid are appearing once again to help support charity.  This go around however a new game has entered the mix.  Super scary 2d hit Lone Survivor is available now. [...]