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Ground Pounders Review – Believe In The Heart Of The Cards

Do you like tabletop war gaming? Do you like turn based RTSs? Can you eek excitement from the rolling of virtual dice and the running of odds on a table being the deciding factor of your battles against an alien horde? Can positively glacial gameplay pacing, in place of boring you to tears, instead be converted into ever-increasing feelings of tension and anticipation? If those apply to you, as they do for myself, then Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders is something [...]

[Review] Sword of the Stars: The Pit – To Boldly Troll…

Sword of the Stars is an indie science fiction series of strategy games. With this latest installment, The Pit, Kerberos attempts to push into new gameplay territory by creating a dungeon crawler set in the series’ universe. The premise of this game is that your character must fight aliens, traps, and hunger to acquire a cure for a deadly disease — and death is permanent. Does Sword of the Stars: The Pit manage to straddle the line between being challenging [...]