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[Wormlight] All the Video Games Merch That Money Can Buy

I enjoy writing about nerd culture in general, which includes gaming as well as writing about all kinds of sexy, collectible plastic goodness. I figured it was about time I combined these two things and shed some light on the kind of merch available for gamer fans. There’s a surprising amount of stuff out there, especially if you’re willing to import them from Japan. No, don’t look at me like that.. it’s a lot easier than it sounds. Promise! Check out my [...]

[News] TERA goes free-to-play

For all you MMO fans out there, TERA has made the transition to free-to-play today, with all its standard content intact for anyone that wants in. A few weeks ago, En Masse Entertainment announced their plans to take a leaf from SWTOR‘s and Dungeons and Dragons Online‘s books and take their fantasy MMO free to play, with none of its original content restricted to any new player that wants to join. The game will be supported by new premium content [...]

[News] TERA will be free this February

TERA Online, an MMORPG, announced it will go free-to-play this February. Following the trend of MMOs like Dungeons and Dragons Online, Stars Wars: The Old Republic, and Planetside 2, TERA Online is doing away with a subscription fee and allowing all to join. Instead of monetizing by restricting content to free players, TERA Online is taking the unique approach of adding content for players to pay for, such as vanity and convenience items. This means new players will get the [...]