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Depreciating ART HAUS Games

One of my best kept secrets (nope) is that I paint. Is it fancy and artistic? No. This is because I am literally the worst at using metaphors and similes, like a parrot with its wings clipped. Does that make sense? No? See? So while I’ve spent so much time loving what I dub “ART HAUS” games, the reality is that 99% of the time, I have absolutely no idea what they’re about. They’re the ones that try to drive [...]

[Featurama] Why I’m thankful for Journey

I found myself in a wasteland. Sand everywhere, and nothing in sight except for the dunes below my feet and a tall, glowing structure far beyond the obstacles I was set to travel. As I kept trudging, floating along, I saw a figure dressed in white. Adorned with a scarf as long as the wind’s strides, this journeyer was a friend. We walked together, but in my state I’d still not known why I was walking towards this structure or [...]