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The Guided Fate Paradox Review – The Worlds God Only Knows

When I first played Zettai Hero Project, I fell in love. The game felt like a return to form for Nippon Ichi and it really had a unique perspective and presentation for a dungeon crawler. When news came out that The Guided Fate Paradox was actually a spiritual sequel to the game, I was pretty excited. Not only was this a big 20th Anniversary Project, but they were also going to be putting it on the PS3, so I could [...]

[News] NIS America Is Bringing Over 3 New Games

Finally we get a release date for Time and Eternity, Disgaea D2, and The Guided Fate Paradox. Now outside of Disgaea D2, you might not have heard any rumblings about these other two. Which is a shame, because they honestly look the most interesting. Time and Eternity is the anime game from Imageepoch. I say anime game, because the sprites and characters are so fluidly animated that you could argue it looks like you are playing your favorite anime. At [...]