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Don’t Look Back Games of 2013

Choo-choo, here comes the nostalgia train right down memory lane (no lie, I have literally driven down Memory Lane). As I prepare to move from a nice little apartment to a slightly larger condo, the packing process happened to include the transportation of my library of games for a variety of systems. As other hoarder– err… hobbyists and collectors know, packing up books and games and things is a disaster and takes forever because every thirty seconds it’s, “Oh look! [...]

Closing the Loop – A Look Back at Time and Eternity

So it’s been quite some time since Time and Eternity hit the market here in the States; long enough that more than all the reviews have already been read, the critical dust has settled, and the overall response been simplified to: “Meh,” and, “It had a good battle system.”

Time and Eternity Review – Worth The Time?

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what really to make of Time and Eternity. It was quite easily one of the RPGs from Japan I was most intrigued by, simply because of the basic premise: the developers went out of their way to make a game that looks like an anime. As both an anime and gaming fan, this could have been my Reese’s cup: a perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter. What surprised me most is [...]

[News] NIS America Is Bringing Over 3 New Games

Finally we get a release date for Time and Eternity, Disgaea D2, and The Guided Fate Paradox. Now outside of Disgaea D2, you might not have heard any rumblings about these other two. Which is a shame, because they honestly look the most interesting. Time and Eternity is the anime game from Imageepoch. I say anime game, because the sprites and characters are so fluidly animated that you could argue it looks like you are playing your favorite anime. At [...]