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Tomb Raider LogoTomb Raider hit the scene in 1996 as a 3D adventure title, allowing players to take part in challenging world platforming while also executing real time challenges to dodge critical objects and or face merciless deaths. The series centers around Lara Croft and her adventures in finding relics and the many curses surrounding them, often with supernatural consequences and worrying levels of outside corruption interfering.

Tomb Raider has faced many generations since the original release, the series took a massive reboot not only for the character portrayal but also in development in the 2013 release that introduced new game play, story and emotion to the classic icon of the series.

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Stock Up On Square-Enix Games With a Steam Sale This Weekend

For one reason or another, almost the entirety of Square-Enix’s library of games is discounted up to 75% off on Steam this weekend in a special promotion. (There’s more on sale than what’s listed on that page.) Oh boy! So whether you were aiming to finally pick up the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII or you just wanted to get caught up on the craze that is Tomb Raider, this weekend is the weekend to do so. It’s also worth pointing out that [...]

PS Plus Offerings Preview For March

Another month, another slew of freebies for Playstation gamers to add to their Instant Game Collection. If you don’t have PS+ yet, you’ve missed out on some pretty amazing free games, and March’s North American offerings look to match the quality of the past few months. PS4 gamers will get a port of the PS3 twin-stick zombie shooter, Dead Nation. PS3 users will get a couple of last year’s most highly-acclaimed titles, Tomb Raider and Thomas Was Alone, and a slightly older game in Lone Survivor: [...]


Lightning Returns Gets the Tomb Raider Outfit Treatment

Lightning is probably one of the coolest female game protagonists out there. So is Lara Croft. If you think that’s prime material for a crossover, then you’re in total agreement with Square Enix. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will feature a Tomb Raider outfit for Lightning. This is, of course, in addition to many of the other garb options she has such as the Cloud soldier costume and an Aerith outfit. The Lara Croft costume features the signature Tomb Raider outfit along with an axe and [...]

Game Developers Choice Awards Finalists Announced

Time and time again, I urge you, if you’re looking for a solid gaming award program, the Game Developers Choice Awards are the right place to look.  People making games choosing games without a single trace of Dorito dust to be found. After a rigorous nomination process, a list of finalists to the award have been named today on the official website.  Headliners include games like Gone Home and The Last of Us in the running for Game of the Year as well as [...]

Twinfinite Staff’s Top 5 Games of the Year List – Devoun

I would like to preface this by saying that I am not a curator, and I’m not going to fill my list with a bunch of games that “pushed” the medium forward just because I’m afraid the taste police are going to show up to my house. These are games that I genuinely enjoyed unabashedly, and all of them are the ‘Citizen Kane of gaming’ in my eyes. So, without further ado I present my favorite games of 2013. 5. [...]

Twinfinite Staff’s Top 5 Games of the Year List – Thursday Edition!

Oh it looks like I’ll be in charge of today’s portion of our Game of the Year week? Well, well, well, what a year this has been. Lots of big names, lots of small names that became big names, and lots of odd names only certain people remember. Of course, just because the same names get thrown around for game of the year doesn’t mean we can’t have a little diversity. You’ll find some surprising titles, some not surprising titles, [...]

Here’s A New Bundle to Fill Your Stocking with Square Enix Games

Square Enix is getting in the holiday spirit and have a new Surprise Christmas bundle available for purchase, starting today. You’ll be getting four PC Steam Keys with the purchase of the bundle, and will likely include Sleeping Dogs: Limited Edition, Tomb Raider: Survival Edition, Thief: Master Thief Edition, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection: Seekers Edition, or Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut. For € 6.49, you’d be getting roughly [...]

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition heads to next-generation consoles

After receiving multiple awards, Tomb Raider is heading to next generation consoles in the Definitive Edition. The next-gen version includes improved physics, Lara’s head has been completely redesigned, and the impressive TressFX that powered Lara’s hair physics for PC will come to consoles. Also included in the edition is all the previously available DLC, that includes multiplayer maps and skins. The trailer for the upcoming edition can be seen below. [youtube][/youtube] So how do you guys feel about a game that [...]

Twinfinite’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Xbox 360 Gamer

Note from Editor Chris:  There are over 80 million Xbox 360 circulating the planet. The chances that your gamer is going to need a gift for their Xbox 360 is pretty darn high. Getting the perfect gift however might be a bit daunting. We’ve compiled a nice little holiday gift guide that will ensure a happy holidays. 12 Month Xbox Live Gold, Recommended By Chris Price: $59.99 Give the gift of Gold this holiday. I personally just don’t like buying subscriptions for [...]

Twinfinite’s Holiday Gift Guide for the PS3 Gamer

Note from Writer Topher: The year 2013 has been a fabulous one for the PlayStation 3. There have been plenty of stellar games this year with my personal game of the year, NaughtyDog’s The Last of Us, only available on PlayStation 3. Even though the PS4 has launched, Sony is by no means abandoning the PS3, though. The system still has plenty of life in 2014 and even stretching to 2015. If you’re in the market for an affordable console with a great library, then [...]

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