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How to be Featured on our Next Livestream!

For this week’s episode of Twinfinite Talks, we’re taking you out of the audience and putting you front and center in our next livestream! We’re going to give you the opportunity to choose what game you want to play with a Twinfinite staff member and fellow Twinfiknights! Check out the video for full disclosure, and then head over to the forums to cast your vote for the next stream. These community streams are going to become a regular event so [...]


A Battlefield 4 Christmas

Face it: you probably haven’t finished all your Christmas shopping, and it’s all over the day after tomorrow. Have no fear, however: this episode of Twinfinite Talks is just for you. From next-gen games to t-shirts, we’ve got you covered. Check out the video for full disclosure!


What’s your favorite console? Do you have one? Tell us!

In this episode of Twinfinite Talks, I decided to ask everyone what their favorite console in the whole wide world is! I’ve gotten tons of legit responses which led me to ask myself what my favorite console was. With your input I decided to make this video and share with you what my favorite consoles would be and why! Also do tell us what your favorite console is and why in the comments below. I’d like to know.


Are “Art Games” Really Art?

On this week’s episode of Twinfinite Talks (which you can start expecting to see every Thursday), I gathered up all of your questions from Twitter and YouTube and answered them all in a video for your personal entertainment. I gave you my thoughts on whether or not we should even have a category called “art games” and why all games are an art form as they are anyways. I also do my best Pokemon impression, laugh at Sonic games, and tell [...]

[Community] Twinfinite Talks: What Do You Look For in Video Game Criticism?

Yesterday morning I was wrapped in a fairly interesting discussion around whether or not “game literacy” was required to properly critique video games. On the one hand, an understanding in the technical aspects of video games can go a long way. On the other hand, there can also be a more reactionary style of criticism not bogged down by technical jargon. While this is a matter of debate in and of itself, it did establish one thing: Everyone looks for [...]