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Dare to Share – How Have Video Games Changed Your Life?

Most gamers would agree that games are misrepresented in mainstream media on a fairly regular basis. Frequently enough, we hear claims that video games are breeding violent killers, that they are rotting the brains of youth, and that they are taking away time that can be better spent with family. Video games are not perfect, but they are certainly not this evil form of media that much press would have you believe. Thankfully, not every media outlet bashes games, but [...]

New Killzone Mercenary Botzone DLC Releases Today

A new downloadable content pack for PlayStation Vita shooter Killzone Mercenary will allow players to team up with and battle against AI bots in all of its multiplayer maps. The Botzone Solider Training Pack will be priced at $2.49/£2.49 and will be released later today with Sony’s weekly Playstation Store update. A post by Guerrilla Cambridge technical director Matt Porter on the U.S. PlayStation Blog describes what Killzone Mercenary fans can expect:

PAX East 2014 Twinfinite Sexy Fun Time Award Winners!

If you could not keep up with our announcements on Twitter, you may have missed out on seeing who were the winners of our Sexy Fun Time Awards at PAX East this year. No worries, they’re all compiled right here for you. These are the games we believed to be the absolute best that PAX East 2014 had to offer. They are listed in no particular order. Evolve, by Turtle Rock Studios Lichdom: Battle Mage, by Xaviant Games Not A [...]


Yami’s Sporadic PAX East Diary – Gaming Happens

If you’ve never watched one of my sporadic diaries at conventions, you’ll be really confused with this. Even though I wasn’t at PAX East this year, I decided that my diary must live on. Because I’ve heard so many great things about them, and I live off of compliments. So, I’m sorry for missing Gaming Happens last Friday, but here’s what I was up to the whole weekend.

Does Phil Spencer Want To Eliminate Gold Requirement for Apps and MMOs?

Since taking over as czar of all things “Xbox”, Phil Spencer has been quite busy responding to all kinds of questions and concerns from his new subjects on Twitter. A particularly intriguing exchange of tweets opens the door for a possible change of heart on the issue of apps and games (usually MMOs) requiring a paid Xbox Live Gold account on top of any other additional subscription fees.

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