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Riding into a New Age of Gaming Technology!

If there’s one thing the gaming industry can lay incredibly proud claims to, it’s the huge advances in technology it has made in its short lifespan. Really, we’ve gone from games looking like this: to looking like this: That is absolutely incredible, and is something every member of the gaming community should be proud of. The advancements for gaming mediums don’t stop there, however. These days we can actually play with other people when they’re not even next to us [...]

E3 – Sony Confirms Used Gaming and No Always-Online DRM

  Finally, Sony confirms used gaming and no always-online DRM! In the E3 press conference today, Sony reps took a not-so-subtle shot at their competitors at Microsoft by stating that they will not restrict used gaming, and will not require an internet connection for their games. This will certainly appeal to a number of parties:

[Featurama] Richard Browne Supports Anti-Used Game Systems

  In a recent article for GamesIndustry International, 20-year industry veteran Richard Browne has stated that he would “hope and would actively encourage Microsoft and Sony to embrace [prohibiting used games] and put an end to this”. I would encourage you to read the article first, as his argument is at least interesting, and there is some healthy discussion by members of the industry/community in the comments. To summarize, he gives a number of reasons why the trade of used [...]