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Valve LogoValve gains legend from the release of Half-Life on the PC back in 1998. Taking narrative and First Person Shooting into the same realm was a bridge in the PC experience that helped drive future evolution of the medium and improvements. While Half-Life is a staple of the company, other titles including Portal, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress popular with fans also. Currently the company has a major focus on Steam their internal publishing platform as it expands into the living room to bring the PC everywhere.

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Steam’s Most Popular Games Revealed

Do you have a ridiculous backlog of unplayed games in your Steam catalogue? Of course you do. So do I, and apparently do does pretty much every one of the 65 million account holders of PC gaming’s premier service. According to an article by Ars Technica, 37 percent of all purchased games on Steam have never been booted up once, no doubt a byproduct of impulse buying during their sales. The article also lists the most popular titles on the [...]

In the Beginning, Valve Rejected Braid

Many people herald Braid as the beginning of the indie developers movement. Jonathan Blow’s new take on the platform genre turned into a breakout hit on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. It’s hard to imagine where gaming would be right now without Braid as it really did show up and prove that an indie developer could make something that can move as many units as big publishers. It’s shocking in hindsight to hear then that Valve didn’t think the game [...]

Dota 2 International Championships Sell Out In An Hour

MOBAs are truly on their way to becoming the StarCraft of the west, it seems. On the back of Dota 2 being one of the most popularly livestreamed games in the world, and Valve’s acclaimed Free to Play documentary about its rapidly growing eSports scene, its live tournaments are now a huge success too. Selling out Seattle’s Key Arena, the 10,000 tickets weren’t cheap either, with a standard pricing of $99. But undeterred, as Doug Lombardi of Valve told OnGamers: ‘Tickets were gone [...]


Valve’s “Free to Play” a Heartfelt eSports Documentary

A few days ago I watched Valve’s eSports documentary, Free to Play. You read that right, a documentary created by the studio best known for games like Portal and Half-Life 2, not to mention Steam, the digital distribution service that’s revolutionized PC gaming. I didn’t know much going into Free to Play, just that it was a documentary about eSports. This piqued my interest because, for a solid 2 years, I was really into watching competitive StarCraft II. I mean [...]


Alienware Landing Tour and Steam Machine Impressions and Gallery

Recently, as part of their Landing Tour, Alienware came down to sunny Miami, Florida to show off their new Steam Machine to the press. Of course, being the party animals that we are, we made our way by the beach to see what all the hubbub was all about. While the event was a party, it largely placed more emphasis on showing off the hardware, giving everyone a chance to try their Steam Machines for themselves. We’ve given our thoughts [...]

Michael Abrash Joins Oculus After Leaving Valve

Just when we thought we’d heard enough about Oculus this week, even more news opens up regarding the now Facebook owned VR company. Michael Abrash, who was in the past working on VR at Valve, has joined Oculus as Chief Scientist. Abrash’s new position comes after Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR for a pretty $2 billion earlier this week. Abrash has been a strong supporter of VR throughout his career, and now sees big opportunities for the platform under Facebook. [...]

Pictures of Updated Steam Controller Released

Valve has released updated images of the latest prototype for the Steam Controller. This new version features some groundbreaking technological advancements: buttons. The newly design has your typical array of gaming buttons, featuring four inputs, a d-pad set, and a couple good ol’ start/select buttons. The updated prototype also shows off the addition of a glossy black finish around the inputs. Things are starting to pull together for the Steam Machine.

Atman Binstock from Valve Joins Oculus VR

A NeoGAF member has posted that Oculus VR has a new Chief Architect with Atman Binstock from Valve joining in. Atman was working as a lead designer in Valve’s VR project. He helped create the “VR Room” that was demoed at Steam Dev Days and as that garnered such excitement, there’s no wonder in why Oculus would want him behind the Oculus Rift. Atman will be spearheading the new Oculus R&D team in Seattle. Here’s looking forward to the future of [...]

Steam Developers Now Able to Run Their Own Sales

Steam announced today, via their private development forums, that developers will now have the option to run their own sales on their games whenever they so choose. Previously, developers had to go through Valve before they could post a sale or discount on their games in order to best decide when such things should occur. The sales will last a maximum of two weeks and are easy for developers to set up. Although the functionality is not yet available, it [...]

Dota 2 Heropedia: Vengeful Spirit

[Heropedia is a look at the many heroes of Dota 2. While the 100+ choices may seem daunting at first, I am here to guide your way through the massive list. Starting with  the “easiest” to learn heroes, this feature will focus on an individual’s abilities and general tactics.] Shendelzare, the VENGEFUL SPIRIT (Support)   Enjoy the ranged stun of Wraith King, but don’t like the weight that comes with being a Carry? Do you like auras that will benefit [...]

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