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The Greatest Nintendo Marketing Strategies Over the Years

If you have ever been particularly terrified by a commercial or just completely tickled by some marketing campaign, it was probably Nintendo. As their latest little marketing tactic, Nintendo of America’s Twitter account has been taken over by the character Cranky Kong as a promotion for the new Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Nintendo Wii U. It’s quirky, it’s hilarious, and it’s all in good fun. This is the essence of Nintendo games, and it’s always a treat when [...]


New Advertising Campaign Idea for Nintendo – Gaming Happens

For this week’s Gaming Happens, I think Nintendo needs a new advertising campaign to make up for all the unsold Wii U units. This week is technically a VGAD, but it’s an idea I’ve kept in my vault for months now and I finally wanted to share it. Let me know what you think! Don’t tell me if it sucks, I know it sucks, it took me like 10 minutes in a class as a last minute homework assignment. If [...]

VGADs of October Review

Welcome back to Twinfinite’s recap of the past month’s top ads. October has been riddled with FPS commercials and there’s no sign of them slowing down either with the release of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 just around the corner. There’s a few other commercials that were thrown into the mix but shooters were on my mind and the lasting impression I got from the video game ads of October. So let’s get to it! Here are the best ads [...]


Call of Duty: Ghosts Live-Action Trailer – “Epic Night Out”

“There’s a soldier in all of us.” The 90-second ad by 72andSunny features a group of friends and their very own Call of Duty dog in a war-torn Las Vegas. Directed by James Mangold, the spot also follows the group through a snowy vehicular assault and a shootout in space. The four friends begin their trip on the streets of Las Vegas shooting enemies left and right. They eventually make their way to a rooftop and one of the players gets [...]

Video Game Ads of September

As video game releases typically go, the hottest games usually come out towards the end of the year to greet holiday shoppers. With the holiday season right around the corner, we’re starting to see a lot of television ads from big name studios making their final push towards making their way into your homes. TV spots are unique in nature due to their cost, length, audience, and most often are completely new rather than cut from previous video ads. This [...]


NBA 2K12 Has The Most Appealing Ads Ever

I’ve already written about how sports games in general and the gamers who play them are unfairly stigmatized. A point that I didn’t get the chance to make was how much more appealing and entertaining the ads for sports games are. Everything from the music, to the cast, to the general goofiness is more consistent than any other genre. We’ve already covered how some game ads are inappropriate or creepy and while the majority of game ads are better,  they are still [...]

[RIP PS2] Sony Made Art Out of Ads

[The PS2 is now officially discontinued! We wanted to give this mighty system a proper farewell so we're dedicating an entire week to it.] In 1994, Sony marketing reached out to the TBWA advertising firm to begin selling their Sony Playstation.  It was a relationship that would last 13 years as they would be the main firm used for Sony’s US and European branches.  This partnership would lend to some interesting and creative ads in the Playstation era, but with [...]

[VGAD] That Hitman Facebook Campaign Was Crap: A Call For Better Marketing

[springboard type="video" id="663047" player="twfi001" width="600" height="350" ] I would love it if rainbows and butterflies existed with every ad campaign; it’d be amazing if they all worked perfectly and never sucked. Unfortunately, a really bad idea is bound to get an OK. The frequency of this within the game industry is just alarming. This rant isn’t just at Square Enix, but rather every publisher that attempts to OK something like this. I don’t sugarcoat much in it, either. The message is [...]