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Twinfinite Insider – Alienware X51 and 1k Subcribers Edition!

Hi, welcome to Twinfinite Insider, your home for a summary of what went on this week at Twinfinite that you may have missed. I’ll be listing all the features we posted about, from Monday until Sunday. News isn’t included. Look, don’t get greedy, we post a lot of news. Look for it. You’re probably saying, “But Yami, Sunday is the start of the week!” My house, my rules. Anyway, Twinfinite’s Miami HQ checked out the Alienware X51 at a party [...]


Check Out Playstation’s Sweet Thank You Video

A console is nothing without its community, and Playstation has a lot of love for its fans and developers. Since the PS4 launch back in November, over 6 million gamers have picked up their console and showed this company some love. Now, Playstation is returning its thanks, publishing a new video on YouTube that thanks its over 1000 licensed developers and millions of supporters. The heartwarming thank you features some of our favorite Playstation moments, from the celebrated E3 price [...]


There’s So Many Balls in Jurassic Park For The SNES – SplitScreen

The balls I’m referring to are actually some type of weapon, but you won’t hear that from me or Chris as we’re thrown into the mysterious world of Jurassic Park for the Super Nintendo. My memory of this game is admittedly fuzzy but I do remember that there was a T-Rex at one point. Chris’s memory is also fading, but that’s understandable because he’s never played the game before. Though we start out feeble and afraid, it’s only a matter [...]


Game Mechanic – The History Of Hitpoints

Welcome to Game Mechanic, a new game-design based show hosted by me! If you’re like me, you’ve probably wanted to know what goes on under the hood of your favorite games. Look no further, because I’ve collected all of the nitty-gritty details and put them all in one place for your convenience. Have you ever wondered where that little red bar with the letters “H” and “P” came from? After all, it’s a pretty abstract representation of anything having to do [...]

Bravest Warriors, Bee & Puppycat, New Zelda Cartoon, and More Headed to Nintendo Video

It’s been a crazy good couple of years for cartoons lately.  YouTube partner, Cartoon Hangover has introduced two of the biggest hits of the past in the form of Adventure Time creator, Pendelton Ward’s Bravest Warriors and other recent hit Bee and Puppycat.  The two mini-shows are going to find a new home in the form of Nintendo consoles via the Nintendo Video app on November 1st. Also slated for release are three other shows, including The Misadventure of Link, a cartoon based off of the Wind [...]


What If Video Games Spoke?

On this weeks episode of Twinfinite On The Go, I pondered this question, “What if video games spoke?” I always wondered if there was some sort of hierarchy between video games. If one video game thought it was better than the other.  I did some digging, collected some of my old games, and investigated. You’d be astonished by the amount of hate, and love, between some of the games! Go ahead. Watch my video. Take a look at my findings [...]


TGS – Lily Bergamo Interview with Suda 51

I got the chance to speak with Suda 51 very quickly about the upcoming Lily Bergamo. We discuss style, action, mobile options, and music all while on the TGS showfloor. There are some interesting tidbits here to be had: Inclusion of mobile devices into the experience and the fact that everything shown off is still just a teaser. I dunno, I just couldn’t stop freaking out inside.


TGS – Interview with NIS President Niikawa on Disgaea D2, Guided Fate Paradox, and Witch and The Hundred Knight

I sat down with NIS and NIS America president Souhei Niikawa as we talk about the three upcoming flagship titles of NIS: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, The Guided Fate Paradox, and The Witch and the Hundred Knight. All three titles seem to represent a new direction for the company with two of the titles celebrating the company’s history while the third is an entirely new experience from the established game developers. It was interesting to learn about these titles [...]


NBA Live 14 Breaks Silence with New Gameplay Trailer

It had been quite a while since we saw something substantial from the NBA Live 14 team aside from the errant blog post. Today, after a week of rumored delays (with a release date slow to announce) and swirling news about rival NBA 2K14′s Crew mode and its perceived lack of delivery on the “Crew mode is back” promise, NBA Live 14 gets a juicy new trailer. Billed as a “First Look Gameplay Trailer” featuring some 5-on-5 action, this was [...]

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