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[Villains Week] Villains We Hate (And not in a good way…)

For the most part, villains are right old bastards, and that’s a good thing. It’s their job, you know. If there was nobody around to oppose the player, many games would become pretty dull pretty quickly. Even so, some villains overstep their bounds, committing an act unforgivable in even the most lenient circles: depriving players of an enjoyable experience. Whether they do their job too well, fail at it, or achieve some form of entertainment-value inadequacy in-between, these villains cause irreparable [...]

[Villains Week] Our Favorite Anime Villains

  Unlike American mediums, the Japanese anime and manga systems seem built around creating great enemies.  Often times in Shonen shows, they act as a wall for the characters to overcome.  Beat one and there is another that shows up to stop the hero cold.  However villainy is not something simply overcome. Villainy is something more.  Today we have compiled a list of absolute villains for their respective franchises.  Simply saying their name is a sure fire way to give [...]

[TSFT] Episode #28: Villainy

In this week’s edition of the TSFT Podcast, we celebrate both Tyler Humphrey’s birthday, as well as Villain’s Week. We talk about our ‘favorite villain’ article submissions, our favorite childhood villains from assorted forms of media, and our recipe for the perfect villain. It’s a great episode, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Click here to directly play from your browser, or right click –> save link/target as… to download. (Opens in a new tab, click [...]

[Villains Week] Our Favorite Villains From Comic Books

[Villain's Week is where we celebrate the evils of the world...And Tyler Humphrey's birthday.] What would a superhero be without his or her rogues gallery? Supervillains define the hero almost as much as the hero’s actions do. Just as the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows, the more noble the hero, the more depraved and nefarious the villain. Since this is Villains Week here at Twinfinite, I had to get my fellow writers input on who they thought was the best baddie. We [...]

[Villains Week] You Don’t Deserve Forgiveness

[Villain's Week is where we celebrate the evils of the world...And Tyler Humphrey's birthday.] Everybody loves a good villain. Somebody that we can all rally against. A person that defines everything you believe is wrong. Sadly, many good villains are being spoiled by forgiveness. Often times offering up a sense of humanity to an evil person’s evil deed is a great way of defining who this character is and offers us a means of justifying these acts through the examples [...]

[Villains Week] The Perfect Villain

[Villain's Week is where we celebrate the evils of the world...And Tyler Humphrey's birthday.] It is often said that a movie, book, or game is only as good as its villain. Certainly, a great baddie can elevate something from merely good to brilliant. Conversely, a lame one can drag down an otherwise excellent and memorable experience. It is a current gaming trend for titles to customize the player’s experience with detailed character creators, moral choice systems, and purchasable gear via microtransactions. To [...]

[Villains Week] Our Favorite Villains From Gaming

[Villain's Week is where we celebrate the evils of the world...And Tyler Humphrey's birthday.] A challenger approaches. The lights dim, or perhaps the music speeds up. You’re finally face to face with the enemy you’ve been playing the entire game to get to. These bad guys are the ones that set up the story, the obstacles in the way of you and your goal. The villains we’re talking about are generally known to be much more epic encounters, they’re memorable [...]