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[Featurama] Does Warren Spector Have a Point?

I was 13 when The Beastie Boys burst onto the scene with Licensed to Ill. It was a bratty, nasty, funny combination of rap, rock and roll, and bad behavior. It was the soundtrack to my life back in the mid-80s. 13 years later, while playing at the Reading Festival, the Beasties got into it with The Prodigy over their hit song Smack My Bitch Up, saying that they didn’t want to be sharing a stage with sentiments like that. [...]

[News] Connecticut Group Cancels Their “Violent Video Game Return Program”

SouthingtonSOS, a group stationed in Southington, Connecticut had previously organized a drive to collect and incinerate all forms of violent media, specifically video games, in their town. As of recently, however, they have claimed that the program, deemed Violent Video Game Return, is no longer necessary. There was a lot of outcry from the outside public and experts toward their original plan, claiming it would do more harm than good. John Myers, the chairman of the Southington YMCA shared a [...]

[News] Connecticut Group to Seek and Destroy Violent Video Games

[Update: They called it off] A group of citizens of the town of Southington, Connecticut have organized and created a program whose sole mission is to rid their town of violent video games. In a previous article, I referenced how various organizations had been flirting with the idea that video games were the cause of the recent Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, however, that idea has now taken form into the country’s first “Violent Video Game Return Program.”

[Featurama] Guns and Games, A Waning Generalization

In light of the tragedy that occurred  on December 14th, at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, the idea that video games were the source of the violent behavior by the gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, has surfaced. It was inevitable that this idea was bound to emerge, as it is often referenced by the media in the wake of most murders or other violent crimes committed by young people.