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Return to the Days of the Cartridge with Inexistence

Ah, yes, the days of grabbing the game cartridge and blowing on the inside, shaking it back and forth, inserting it into the console extra slow, or with extra force; the retro era of games was a time of frustration, but also one of magic. Lucky for us, there are some developers ready to tap into that old magic. From out of the shadows, an unknown French developer by the name of Jonathan Brassaud brings us a Metroidvania-style action-adventure platformer [...]

[Wormlight] All the Video Games Merch That Money Can Buy

I enjoy writing about nerd culture in general, which includes gaming as well as writing about all kinds of sexy, collectible plastic goodness. I figured it was about time I combined these two things and shed some light on the kind of merch available for gamer fans. There’s a surprising amount of stuff out there, especially if you’re willing to import them from Japan. No, don’t look at me like that.. it’s a lot easier than it sounds. Promise! Check out my [...]

[Wormlight] Excited for Fennekin? See the Real-Life Version in All its Cuteness

News and reveals are trickling out for the upcoming Pokémon X and Y games, and we learned earlier this year Fennekin is one of the starters. Specifically, it’s going to be the fire-type starter, and it is beyond adorable. What’s its real-life inspiration, though? Rocket News spotlit some pictures from Parc Safari in Canada in which they show off two baby Fennec Foxes through their first weeks of life. Everyone get ready to coo at their PC screens! And if [...]

[Wormlight] The Discussion on Mobile Games Continues With Sony’s Chris Mahoney

Games Industry International has the report on Chris Mahoney’s talk at the recent Appsworld conference regarding console versus mobile gaming. Though Mahoney freely admits that mobile games are raking in some good dough and it’s easy to publish on the platform, he also suggests that porting console games to phones and tablets can be problematic. Part of the reason why is obvious: the console experience is not like the mobile experience. Even though mobile gaming is on the rise, the [...]

[Wormlight] Bastion’s Amir Rao talks about why lazy ports suck

As part of their coverage at DICE, Gamasutra published an article about Amir Rao’s talk regarding game ports, and why multi-platform developing should be a careful process. He highlights Plants vs Zombies as the prime example of how a game could work on different platforms when a team goes out of their way to consider their audience per platform aside from the basic game mechanics. It’s a good example: I, myself have bought Plants vs Zombies at least three times [...]

[Wormlight] A Group of No Name Losers

[Wormlight is a spotlight feature where we introduce someone/something awesome and explain why itʼs worth your time] In a few months, Japanese Visual Novel company minori, in partnership with Mangagamer, will release their first official western release in ef – the first tale.  This release will be a landmark move for visual novel fans here in the west.  To have a release like this come from a company that had at one time attempted to block their product from all [...]