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PS4, Xbox Infinity, and You

While most of us are unsure of what to expect, there is something we can all come to somewhat of an agreement on. Slowly, but surely, we are headed towards the next generation of video game home consoles. Whether they bring about a much needed upgrade to the hardcore gamer demographic, or seek to change the very fabric of entertainment as we know it, Microsoft and Sony are providing a new console this year for a new generation; complete with [...]

[News] Xbox Related Domain Registered, Potential Event in April

Not to be outdone by Sony’s PS4 announcement, the website was registered almost exactly as the PS4 event ended. No official announcement has been made yet, but it’s rumored that Microsoft will have an event of their own sometime in April. This would put the announcement of a new Xbox console before the E3 convention. I think it’s pretty easy to guess what the purpose of this event will be: to unveil a new console. It would make sense [...]

[News] Activision Contract Reveals Bungie’s ‘Destiny,’ Coming to Xbox 360 & Xbox 720 Fall 2013, Multi-platform Later

I think more than a few of us experienced a moment of panic two years ago upon hearing Bungie had saddled up with mega publisher Activision for the next decade.  The Washington-based developer disembarked from Microsoft’s stable only three years prior and, despite retaining its independence, the idea of Bungie signing a long-term contract with a publisher currently in the midst of a very messy lawsuit made me nervous. Would they be treated right? Would they fall victim to the [...]

[Featurama] Richard Browne Supports Anti-Used Game Systems

  In a recent article for GamesIndustry International, 20-year industry veteran Richard Browne has stated that he would “hope and would actively encourage Microsoft and Sony to embrace [prohibiting used games] and put an end to this”. I would encourage you to read the article first, as his argument is at least interesting, and there is some healthy discussion by members of the industry/community in the comments. To summarize, he gives a number of reasons why the trade of used [...]