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Daylight Gets Release Date, Trailer, Lower Price For PS+

Zombie Studio’s Daylight, a first person survival horror game (though its far closer to Outlast, thus putting it closer to “haunted house” than survival horror), has long been overdue for some attention in my book. Looking slick and doing the right thing in terms of treating the supernatural like the supernatural rather than some bullshit scientific explanation for everything, the only thing Daylight been missing is a release date. But not anymore; publisher Atlas announced that Daylight will be coming to [...]

Daylight Steam Page Is up to Scare the Piss out of You

There’s something about all abandoned hospitals that make them pants-shittingly terrifying. Daylight, a procedurally generated psychological thriller from developer Zombie Studios, taps into that fear. The only source of light and guidance is the phone in your hand and whatever torches you can find. A cacophony of disembodied voices call to you; either to help or hinder you remains to be seen. Daylight‘s Steam page is up right now and pre-ordering the game nets you a 33% discount and the soundtrack. [...]

Zombie Studios’ Daylight Gets Release Date, Spooky Twitch Functionality Revealed

Watching people play horror games via Twitch has become more and more popular in recent years, but Zombie Studios is looking to take that one step further. They are integrating a way for viewers to interact with the player’s game through the chat. Daylight, the procedurally generated psychological thriller has been given a release date of April 8 for PS4 and PC, and will include a new and interesting Twitch functionality. Viewers can type specific text commands in the chat to [...]


Atlus’ Daylight Trailer Urges You to Not Turn Around

The horror video game genre and I don’t have a very long track record together, because I’m a little bitch. From Atlus and Zombie Studios comes Daylight, which looks to be another interesting horror title to scare the pants or shorts or spanx off of you. I probably won’t be playing that either though. Still, it looks very good because of one core mechanic that sets it apart from the slew of first-person horror titles currently out on the market, [...]

Hands-On Preview: Daylight – Random Horror Picture Show

As I was cruising the showfloor at PAX this week, something caught my eye. Whoops. Sorry, my ear. Screaming. Looking over at the Astro booth, I immediately saw a terrified young woman virtually being killed by a ghost. A common sight at PAX, to be sure, but this particular game seemed different. Daylight is a procedurally generated first-person horror game by Zombie Studios, who you might know from the free-to-play Blacklight: Retribution. Oh, and I guess maaaaybe it’s worth mentioning [...]

[Review] Special Forces: Team X

With so many competitive multiplayer games on the market, it’s hard to make a name for yourself. From big budget titles to indie games, the market has become flooded with multiplayer-focused games. There is a lot of competition, companies trying to make the next big game that brings in the “moolah.” I’ve been attempting to play Special Forces: Team X on the PC for a while now. While I’ve found it to be a somewhat unique experience… it doesn’t seem [...]