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The Deadlings Launch Trailer is Cheesy, Cute

I’d first like to point out that Deadlings is the name of this game, not Deadly Cute Zombies. At least, I think so. I’m just as confused as you are by the amount that tagline is repeated over Deadlings. Deadlings is out on iOS and Android and with it comes this cheesy look into the gameplay. I poke fun, but for being a mobile game, there sure are a ton of levels (100), game modes, possible characters to play as [...]

DayZ Dev Team Adding Talent

Bohemia Interactive, the developer behind the zombie and/or survival game DayZ, is doubling the size of the game’s development team. This comes from Dean Hall in a DayZ update: We are inducting a large number of new people to the team, effectively doubling the whole project… Last week, Hall announced that he is leaving Bohemia Interactive but that he would be ”in a leadership role until at least the end of the year,” and that he would still be invovled with [...]


Deadlings Trailer Shows off Gameplay

And it looks neat! Deadlings is a simple platformer with different power ups to help you get through each level. Puzzles, enemies, and traps await you as you traverse these 100 different levels. Doesn’t look like a bad time and it’s out right now for just $1.99 for Windows Phone and Windows 8 users. Now, if only it came out on iOS, I’d be able to get my brain munching on. Unfortunately, the rest of us mobile users will have [...]

OMG HD Zombies Coming to PC…In HD

If you’re a Sony PSP or Vita fan, then chances are you’ve heard of Laughing Jackal’s puzzle-shooter OMG HD Zombies. This game, an orgasmic, monochrome top-down game combining the crowded ‘one against the horde’ feeling of something like Smash TV with addictive puzzle games like Peggle, is coming to Steam on Thursday February 13th. According to Laughing Jackal’s press release, the PC version of OMG HD Zombies will contain the following features: 1000s of zombies! – Each of our 8 [...]


New trailer for Dying Light shows off zombie parkour

Techland just cannot stay away from zombies, huh? The minute they’re done with Dead Island, it’s on to another open-world zombie title for them, this time with a much more traversable landscape and mildly better voice acting. It might still have plenty of dull first person action tropes, but what’s truly impressive is the number of on-screen enemies, and the variety of routes the player is able to take in carrying out the objectives. Traps, a variety of weapons, and [...]

DayZ Standalone Now Available On Steam Early Access

The standalone version of Arma II mod DayZ appeared on Steam Early Access a few months ago, but wasn’t able to be purchased. Today, that changes as the standalone release is officially up for grabs on Early Access. DayZ has been anticipated by gamers for quite some time. The brutal zombie survival game met with its bumps on the road to release, including that whole fiasco with The War Z (later renamed Infestation: Survivor Stories for ‘blatant rip-off’ reasons). If you’re willing to endure [...]


The Walking Dead Season Two Trailer Reminds Us That We’ll Be Clementine Very Soon

Oh god.  No.  I’m not ready for this.  No.  Season one of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead already put me in enough distress just trying to protect Clementine.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to handle messing up and having anything bad happening to her being my full direct responsibility.  And judging by the new trailer Telltale put out previewing some of the action and new (as well as familiar) faces that turn up in season two, they’re going to really [...]

Dead Rising 3 Review – Death, Dildos, and Disembowelment

I could have sworn this was going to be the last hour of my life. My stomach was rumbling, my magazine was nearly empty and the horde would not stop their pursuit.  My former coworkers, neighbors, and friends’ arms all reached at me like a 100-limb octopus. The last bullet had arrived, and as I put the gun up to my chin, I saw something in the distance… another human! As I screamed  for help, the man approached me, leaping [...]


A Real Life Video Game Experience?! – Gaming Happens

Ever wonder if the FPS we played, simulating military life were accurate at all? I definitely never did. But hey, if you do, now you can experience just how grueling it would actually be to stop zombies as part of a special ops team! Adventure Combat Ops hopes to bring the video game experience to the real world with its airsoft infused, tactical combat wielding, story driven missions in select cities. They’re touring U.S.A. and giving everyone that signs up [...]


The Insanity of Minecraft – Zombies Everywhere

The final failed Olympics experiment is here! This match of Minecraft had Alissa, Claudia, and me against the madness that is Rick’s creativity. He played God in this custom game and what that meant was basically throwing crap loads of zombies at us as we flailed about. We really, really suck at Minecraft.

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