Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Commerical Shows Off Songs and Modes

Indie Games, Mainstream? Golden Girls vs Capcom? – Twinfinite Discusses

Indie Games, Mainstream? Golden Girls vs Capcom? – Twinfinite Discusses

Lumena Bounces to iOS in May

Lumena Bounces to iOS in May


Facebook Buys Oculus VR For Two Billion Dollars

Well, this was unexpected. Facebook has announced that they are purchasing Oculus VR, the company behind the revolutionary Oculus Rift that has taken the world by storm in recent months, for a cool two dollars. Sorry, wait. That’s two BILLION dollars. Both companies made statements on their respective sites after the announcement. Oculus VR stated: … [read more]

Life Goes On Title

Life Goes On Review – The Adventures of Sir Lives-A-Lot

Viscera Title Screen

Viscera Cleanup Detail Review – Cleanup on Aisle Gore


Demon Gaze Review – Is That a Vocaloid?


Deception IV: Blood Ties Review – Devil’s Daughter, In the Castle, With the Guillotine


Dark Souls Sound Director Leaves From Software

Prepare to … retire. Today, Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls/Dark Souls II sound director Yuji Takenouchi has announced his retirement from From Software. Anyone who’s ever played the Souls games knows that sound design is a huge part of their appeal, and Takenouchi was a large part of making that what it is. His reasons given for … [read more]

Corporate Lifestyle Simulator Review – You Can’t Say Horror Without ‘HR’

The modern-day office setting is middle-class culture’s metaphor for purgatory: spending long hours engaging in meaningless tedium. It almost feels as if nobody would notice were a zombie outbreak to occur. Almost. One intrepid office worker (that’s you…pay attention) sees what’s happening, and takes action at beating back the horde with anything he can find. … [read more]

GBA Virtual Console FINALLY Comes to Wii U

Gamers have been haranguing Nintendo to release the GBA Virtual Console on the Wii U since the console’s release and Nintendo finally announced a release date. The first game to be available has also been announced. Starting on April 3rd, Nintendo gamers will get the chance to purchase the fondly remembered, Advance Wars, from the Nintendo … [read more]

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