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Publisher for the site and one of Twinfinite Video's personalities. Yami founded Twinfinite when she was bored one day. She has since become very not bored.

Local Editor in Chief. B.S. in Biology, B.A. in Philosophy, and always within 20 feet of a bagel. Kind of like a reverse restraining order, but with carbs. You can reach her at

Ed has been a proud member of the Twinfinite staff since 2014. He plays everything on everything but is particularly fond of JRPGs, MMOs, and sports. He holds a B.A. in history and political science and a M.S. in education all from the University at Albany.

Just a wandering character from Brooklyn, NY. Fan of horrible Spider-Man games, anime, and corny jokes.

Z is a ridiculous fangirl of anything related to Metal Gear Solid and The Last of Us. She also thinks Amazon's Kindle was a gift from the heavens. You can reach her at

A UK History graduate, Chris is a firm believer that Bioshock is the pinnacle of video game storytelling. He ran the London Marathon and then vowed to never do anything so stupid again. He now spends his days playing games, watching TV or desperately attempting to improve his movie knowledge. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisJecks, or email him at

Sometimes a writer, always a dork. When he isn't staring in front of a screen for hours, he's probably reading comics or eating Hot Pockets. So many of them.

A graduate in English from Florida International University. When he's not writing, he is traveling the country to tell his life story of growing up with Hemophilia. If not, then he's probably wondering if his neighbors in Animal Crossing still miss him.

Indie reviewer extraordinaire, father-type human for two young gamers, and generally busy person.

Chelsea is a gamer, fangirl, writer and activist. She is just as comfortable defending her OTPs as she is protesting for worthy causes. She has an encyclopedic knowledge about anything pop culture. You can find her playing games online under the username Chilliepop.

An Irish liberal arts student with way too much time on his hands who when not obsessing about Monster Hunter, RPGs or some random account he recently found on YouTube he can be found writing for Twinfinite.

A Journalism student with a strong passion for all things gaming, anime and much more. Telling the stories of the world is his ultimate goal.

The Kanye West of video game writing. Only with less Twitter rants and a consistent work output.

History and Archaeology student from Newcastle in the UK. Loves old school point and clicks, Death Cab For Cutie, and anything made by Double Fine

Purchaser of 3 Vitas and owner of a negative K/D ratio. Will make your FPS game look great!

A freelance writer living in Brooklyn making his way by slinging words at blank pages.

Michael is just a guy who's way too opinionated. When he's not working on his degree or cruising Ann Arbor to procrastinate everything, you can find him writing for Twinfinite, Popoptiq, Gizorama, and anywhere else that enjoys a nice helping of criticism.

Gamer and Pop Culture enthusiast. Superfan of The Walking Dead enjoys reading comics and novels.

Lover of all things film and gaming, Nick spends far too much time comparing film transfers and researching film theory. When he's not emptying his wallet expanding his film collection, he's usually hiking, cooking, or some combination of the two.

After a failed experiment with a DeLorean and some illegally-smuggled uranium Oisin was transported to Victorian London where he began writing about video games. As they were still to be invented he lived out his life unrecognised, dying years later - penniless and insane. Recently his writings were rediscovered and have been noted for their astounding accuracy and insight. Oisin's ghost now runs a twitter account @ducksplosionman where he would be happy to give insights about his prophetic scriptures.

Sean is a simple man who enjoys a good game, a good story, and the chance to talk about both. That said, he also honestly believes video games have the potential to be the greatest pinnacle of storytelling ever, so there's that...

A dislocated New Yorker just looking for a good bagel. She has come to the point in her life where she forgets which games she owns and thus has a horrible backlog. One day she hopes to finish them off but after finishing Digimon Cyber Sleuth which she is trying to 100%.

Hello! Name's Tanner, but I also go by Dag online a lot. I've been amazed by video games for about as long as I can remember, and they've been a huge part of my life. They're my main passion, and I'm studying in my free time on how to make my own games and eventually get a job in the industry. Games, books, and anime/manga are the things I enjoy. Writing is also a hobby of mine. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Gamer, writer, honey badger wrangler.

A Film and English graduate from the University of Southampton. Obsessed with movies, games and football. Spends far too much time playing Fifa.

I'm an advocate for single-player and VR gaming, which now that I think about it, is about as isolated as you can get. PS4, Xbox One and Wii U owner. Writer, podcaster, opinionated. Dislikes lists of three.

Fan of fighting games, pro wrestling, and delicious beverages of all sorts. God Hand is the greatest game of all time, except when Banjo-Kazooie is.

Zak is a Staff Writer for Twinfinite who will never stop campaigning for Pokémon Snap 2 until it has been made. He once played through a dozen Final Fantasy games in one year, and his knowledge of Kingdom Hearts is mildly concerning.

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