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I'm Chaz! I write things in between bouts of gaming with my lovely wife or wonderful kids, or sometimes even just by myself. When I'm not doing that, I'm knee-deep in databases or just out and about with the family.247 Articles


Known as Jecks to help distinguish himself from the other Chris', Chris is a 21 year old British student in his last year of University studying History. He used to enjoy running, but exercise is overrated. Nowadays he spends his time writing, gaming and watching TV. You can find more of his ramblings @ChrisJecks on twitter! Or email him at cjecks94@gmail.com156 Articles


Chris was formerly enrolled in, but has since dropped out from, Ninja Academy. He has walked all across the earth as a jack of trades, facing great peril, and now finds himself at home as a writer for Twinfinite! Enjoys MOBAs, fighting games, side scrolling brawlers, RPGs, and video game inspired music. Dozo yoroshiku!125 Articles


When his not doing everybody's busy work in Thedas/ Tamerial or watching Let's Plays on YouTube, Damian Skinner can be found writing for Twinfinite.183 Articles

Web Developer

Hey there! I'm Diego, a computer science major who loves videogames, writing and journalism. I have engaged in so many "games are art" discussions that I've had my fill. Kidding, hit me up whenever to discuss that. I love RPGs so much that I once played Mass Effect during a real-life firefight near my home.43 Articles

Managing Editor

Ed is a guy from New York who writes about video games, growing up with gaming mags such as EGM. If he's not doing video game stuff he's probably listening to NY sports radio shouting or watching South Park. He holds degrees in History, Political Science, and Secondary Education.294 Articles

Senior Writer

Ian is a passionate creative writer on a journey to find Peace, Love, Light, and Bliss through unconditional self-expression and energetic transformation. He also likes video games and food and stuff.118 Articles

Senior Editor

Just a wandering character from Brooklyn, New York. In Love with gaming and everything it can do. Fan of Action RPGs, horrible Spider-Man games, anime, and corny jokes.381 Articles


I'm a semi-professional five-finger fillet player who plans to be the first hipster in space. Chili dogs are the only way to my heart.173 Articles

Associate Editor

Justin is a college student who spends his time playing games, watching TV, or writing. Or doing one of the three while also eating pop tarts.351 Articles


An affable Ohioan with a strong fascination for almost all things pop culture. Robert likes his games colorful and his sentences active. You can find Robert enjoying the silence and getting lost in trip hop, game music, and bad synthpop.31 Articles

Editor in Chief

You can call her Coone or Racoone. She's a molecular bio/philosophy double major who reverts to an embarrassingly thick redneck accent when she gets flustered. 60% League of Legends, 50% sarcasm, and 100% sure that philosophy majors can pull off inaccurate percentage calculations if they want.229 Articles


A fan of all things video games, music, literature, and comedy. I have a soft spot for dogs, Doctor Who, and Peter Molyneux.208 Articles


Fan of fighting games, pro wrestling, and delicious beverages of all sorts. God Hand is the greatest game of all time, except when Banjo-Tooie is.48 Articles

Founder/ Publisher/ Youtuber

Yami is Founder and Publisher of this fine establishment. When not ranting about video game advertising, she's trying to make the gaming community less cynical. You can find her on the Youtubes.770 Articles

If it have to do with Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon Snap, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Zak's on top of it.73 Articles

News Editor

A history major by way of Singapore, Z is a ridiculous fangirl of anything related to Metal Gear Solid and The Last of Us. She also thinks that Amazon's Kindle was a gift from the heavens. You can reach her at Articles