The Team

Yamilia Avendano

[Editor in Chief]

Yami is Founder and Editor in Chief of this fine establishment. When not ranting about video game advertising, she's trying to make the gaming community less cynical.


Muaz Zekeria

[managing editor]

Hi! I'm the Managing Editor here at Twinfinite. I'm more than a little bit crazy but I'm great at hiding it. When I'm not gaming on XBL (Muazimus Prime) or PSN (MuazimusPrime), you can find me reading mountains of comic books or watching an obscene amount of movies. I LOVE the Mass Effect series and can't be your friend if you don't love it too.

Matthew Kim

[Reviews Editor]

Part-time writer, full-time hero in training. Enjoys all manner of games that thrill, stress, and terrify. Love also includes anime of various degrees of questionable nature. Find me on any social media and maybe we can bond over common interests? Always available for chats~ (

Alissa McAloon

[Associate Editor]

Alissa fell in love with video games at a young age and has been gaming ever since. She's an avid fan of anything nostalgic and a sucker for a good story. Her time away from the controller is spent taking road trips and working toward a degree in English for New Media. Follow her online on Twitter and XBL as Gliitchy, Steam as Glitchy42, and PSN as Gliiitchy.

Andres Ruiz

[Associate Editor]

Andres Ruiz is currently studying advertising at Florida International University. Some of his favorite series include Tekken, Legend of Zelda, and Katamari. He gets most of his writing tips from his golden retriever, Maya, who also has more facial hair than him. He will have a beard one day, as well as the last laugh.

Mike Eaton

[Associate Editor]

Born in 1844, I bring a lot of gaming experience to the table. In my day-job, I work for a public library which carries, amongst other formats, video games. I'm very interested in observing and documenting the growing pains this industry is experiencing as it is dragged kicking and screaming towards something resembling maturity. Join me!

Claudia Lorenzo

[senior writer]

Well hello there, my name is Claudia and I've been gaming ever since I've had the ability to reason. I'm currently an Economics major with a passion for the gaming industry. When I'm not diligently attending to schoolwork (lolol) you can probably find me playing anything from League of Legends to Ace Attorney. You can also find me trying to navigate the twitterverse @WhatsUpClaudia

Christopher Hadlock

[Senior Writer]

I have been gaming for 20 years and have seen this industry go from one geared towards children, to one that has grown to accept all demographics. I've grown up side by side with video games and I've seen it turn into this phenomenon. Of course I also enjoy entertainment in all mediums whether it be film, book or sports. I'm just a huge nerd that loves writing about his hobbies.

Henry McMunn


Cor blimey and good evenin' guvna, I appear to be Twinfinite's only British member. Apart from overtaxing tea and picking crumpet chunks out of my malformed teeth, I play video games, primarily on the Xbox 360. However, anything that'll run Dark Souls and Deadly Premonition will work for me. If you also believe Mirror's Edge is secretly the best game ever made, please get in touch.

Emily Payton


A recent college graduate who is doing her best to retreat from "the real world" as often as possible, using every form of escapism known to man. Interests include: post-apocalyptic sci-fi, stimulating conversation, and entropic decay. When she's not playing video games (when isn't she playing video games?), chances are she's surfing these fine Interwebs or cuddling with her cat, perhaps simultaneously.

Devoun Edwards


Hola! I'm Devoun and when I'm not busy with my day job as a philanthropist, I like to play video games and type words into an unorganized Google document. My interest besides video games include: Olde English 800, comics, movies, Lakers, toys, collecting retro games, my two dogs and wife. In no particular order.

Chaz Miller


I'm Chaz! I write things in between bouts of gaming with my lovely wife or wonderful kids, or sometimes even just by myself. When I'm not doing that, I'm knee-deep in databases or just out and about with the family.

John-Charles Holmes


John-Charles is a sometimes grumpy, but often pleasant lifelong gamer. From his first infatuation with Sonic on his Genesis, to his current obsession with Spelunky on the PS3. He is currently a Communications student at Virginia Tech and has been writing about games for a couple of years now. Additionally, he does a semi-regular comic diary about his weird ordinary life. If you see him in real life and give a high five and a box of Boo Berry, he might actually draw you in one of them.

Alex Castro

[Community Manager]

HOWDY! The name's Alex and I'm a senior Gator at the University of Florida. Born and raised in deceptively-sunny Miami, some of my favorite hobbies include gaming, cooking, football, exercising, and scaring my fellow Cubans by tricking them into believing that Fidel Castro is my grandfather. I obsess over things too easily but some of the things that make me drop my panties are Mass Effect, Persona, Pokemon, Power Rangers, Doctor Who, and food. Always food. #basic

Mike Geib


This one was born in 1989 and counts watching his old man play Hack on an ancient PC as one of his earliest memories. Fond of JRPG's, visual novels, and the RTS' of old, Mike's gaming preferences are "anything so long as it's got a story." A simple network engineer from Philly PA, he looks forward to exploring the intricate world of gaming with ye!

Ricky Donaldson


Ricky Donaldson is a writer at childhood's end, and is possessed with this wacky idea that video games don't have to decide between being fun and enjoyable and being intelligent, powerful pieces of art, and isn't afraid to take drastic measures to prove it. He goes by some variation of the name "Desert Rat" basically everywhere on the Internet, and applauds your knowledge of history if you get the reference. He also knows how to fix a mean cheese toasty and can fix the head gasket of a 1997 Ford Explorer... he thinks, anyway.

Sharon Coone


You can call her Coone or Racoone. She's a molecular bio/philosophy double major who reverts to an embarrassingly thick redneck accent when she gets flustered. 60% League of Legends, 50% sarcasm, and 100% sure that philosophy majors can pull off inaccurate percentage calculations if they want.

Austin Garcia


Austin is a 20 year old engineering student from Miami, FL who embarked on the epic quest to become a video game journalist. He enjoys many games such as Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Pokemon, Mass Effect, or anything he can get easy achievements/trophies for . He shamelessly wishes he could be adopted by Drew Brees, Stephen Colbert, Tyrion Lannister, Nolan North, or any combination thereof. His back-up career plan is to become a caped crusader and instill fear into the hearts of the criminals of Gotham.

Ed McGlone


Ed is a guy from New York who loves to write about videogames. He also enjoys history, NY Yankees baseball, and long walks on the beach. Just as he was about to complete his 2013 game backlog, Pokémon Y entered his life and ruined all of his hopes and dreams of having a clean gaming slate for 2014.

Zhiqing Wan


Hello! I'm a history major who loves playing video games and writing about them. I live and breathe for Metal Gear Solid, and I believe that The Last of Us is quite possibly the greatest video game ever made. Also if you're having trouble pronouncing my name (which you probably are), lots of people have taken to just calling me Zee!